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Foundational Pillars of Health - Educational Content

Foundational Pillars of Health

The Concept of the 4 Foundational Pillars

Here at Ulta Vit we like to think of ourselves not as a supplement company but more of a health company.

We want to guide our customers to a healthier version of the person they could be.

We use the 4 Foundational Pillars to illustrate how these factors in your life 'hold up' your health. If one of the pillars falls the others will suffer.

If all pillars are done correctly you will place your body in a perfect position to achieve good health, leading to you feeling invigorated with energy.

If you are feeling healthy and full of energy, you are much more likely to get up and do the things you enjoy. This leads to a greater sense of wellbeing as you become more grateful for the people around you. 

Would you like to learn a path to a healthier lifestyle?

We plan to write a series of blog posts, which show you how to make sure you are completing each of the four pillar's correctly.

Here are some topics you can expect blogs on...


  • What will a healthy diet include?
  • Some Do's/Dont's on eating.
  • Fasting guidelines.

Here below is a brief overview of what we believe a healthy diet looks like:

  • Lots of Whole Food, Leafy vegetables and Fruits.
  • Organic, Natural, Pasture Raised where possible.
  • No seed oils (Rapeseed, Canola, Sunflower etc).
  • Little/No processed foods.
  • Low added sugar.



  • General exercise guidelines 
  • Stretching and Flexibility work


  • Benefits of good sleep
  • Developing a sleep schedule
  • Sleep optimising tips E.g Glycine 

Stress Reduction

  • How stress impacts the body.
  • Keeping stress hormones such as cortisol balanced.
  • Breathing and meditation techniques.